Friday, June 18, 2010

Completely Unrelated...

Completely unrelated to the song, but quite a dope ass song:

1773 - Broken Star

Broken star,
I see you from afar,
With your upper torso pressed up against the passenger side of a car,
Attention directed towards some cat,
Pullin' over in the Cadalliac,
Cause he noticed your back was fat,
But the fact is your attempts are to supplement what you lack,
Trapped into believing what some stranger had promised you,
Mainpulating, stating, that this ain't nothing that you gotta do,
Conning you before you know he turns to you and speak,
Don't worry it's just gonna be,
Herpes you and me,
Now disease and the sea symoblize your promiscuity,

I knew a similar star that was already broken,
I'm speakin' on something that you already knowing,
Traveling all roads,
That long have been chosen by a man who control,
Her mind and her soul,
Always treated her cold, and always needed to know, where she would be,
And what time she was there 'til,
If he thought she was lyin',
He would give her a black bruise,
As a youngin',
She was always a tad lewd,
The story of her life,
Struggle to survive but barely staying alive,
Wanting to end the strife,

Broken star,
Can't you see that you are falling oh so fast?
This won't last
She was a broken star and couldn't travel far,
Broken star,
Can't you see that you are falling oh so fast?
This won't last,
She was a broken star and couldn't travel far,

This broken star was constantly filled with pain,
No one was able to see, the tears in her name,
She was a slave, to the fear, that had claimed her life for so long what else can go wrong,
She could hardly hold on,
She said his grip was so strong,
And she couldn't break free,
And she get loose,
His hands, tied around, her neck like a noose,
She was tired of it, and wanted something new but didn't know where to start,
Alone in her heart,
Wanting to get far was the state of this star,

Mentally damaged with emotions to manage,
Physically famished to the point your lists have anything that's handed,
Branded by beasts who won't deny,
What they demanded and that seed that's implanted suddenly forced to vanish,
Created by a stranger and we didn't plant it,
It's the thought that led you to your decision,
Cause you figured it'd be better of dead than with an infected one to livin',
Given' the circumstances,
You justify your actions,
By saying you were given a corner and forced by back in,
But really it was what you chose that made this happen,


To get ahead you feel you're doing what you have to do,
But simultaneously spreading what was passed to you,
Back when you were half developing, initiated,
Enabled to count all the times that you been degraded,
Now you feel you kid your soul and you wished you saved it,
Jaded from being so misguided and the world divided,
Thought this was the plan for life but now you wanna revise it,
It be wise you changed before you're old and scarred,
And grow so far from being who you know you are,
Cause you use to shine bright now you're a broken star,

She finally gathered the strength to leave this man,
No longer, will her face come in contact with his hand,
She's starting to realize that she seems to understand,
What it is she has done,
And what she's gotta do,
Now she sees the sun and the sky so blue,
And for the first time in her life, she feels real peace,
Left another man in her life, initials J.C.,
He heard her cry out when she yelled "save me!"
He came to her rescue and said I will mend you,
No longer broken star, my love now protects you,


You're a star, you're a star,
So let your light shine,
Cause the nigga's see the light and the light so bright,
Let your light shine,
Cause the nigga's see the light and the light so bright.

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